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7th Street
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Location:  Lapis Ward
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Interactive Map Location of 7th Street in Reborn.

The 7th Street is a hidden street located under the Lapis Ward, accessible after being granted permission by either Maxwell or Archer after both completing the Magma or Aqua Gang quests and defeating Radomus.


Places of Interest

The Subseven Sanctum

Main article: Subseven Sanctum

The Subseven Sanctum is located in the northwestern section of 7th Street, accessible after the player finds Bennett buying items for a ritual in the Black-Market.


There are a few vendors scattered around 7th Street that will sell unique items to you along with a vendor that will sell you Ability Capsules for 2 Shards (color changes depending on the day).

Move Tutors

Move Type Damage category Cost
Yellow Tent Vendor Top Left
Gastro Acid  Poison  Status Blue Shards x2
Iron Defense  Steel  Status Red Shards x2
Snore  Normal  Special Blue Shard x1
Bind  Normal  Physical Purple Shard x1
Helping Hand  Normal  Status Purple Shard x1
Skill Swap  Psychic  Status Green Shards x2
Role Play  Psychic  Status Purple Shard x1
Red Tent Top left
Spite  Ghost  Status Red Shard x1
Worry Seed  Grass  Status Red Shard x1
Magic Coat  Psychic  Status Blue Shards x2
Trick  Psychic  Status Green Shards x2
Block  Normal  Status Green Shards x2
Magnet Rise  Electric  Status Purple Shard x1
Recycle  Normal  Status Blue Shard x1
Red Tent Top Right Women
After You  Normal  Status Red Shard x1
Snatch  Dark  Status Blue Shard x1
Magic Room  Psychic  Status Green Shard x1
Wonder Room  Psychic  Status Purple Shard x1
Gravity  Psychic  Status Red Shard x1
Covet  Normal  Physical Blue Shards x2
Electroweb  Electric  Special Green Shards x2
Red Tent Top Right Man
Defog  Flying  Status Red Shard x1
Laser Focus  Normal  Status Blue Shard x1
Telekinesis  Psychic  Status Purple Shard x1
Ally Switch  Psychic  Status Green Shard x1
Yellow Tent bottom Left after city restoration
(after buying out the Pokémon Market)
Knock Off  Dark  Physical Red Shards x5
Iron Head  Steel  Physical Purple Shards x4
Signal Beam  Bug  Special Green Shards x5
Giga Drain  Grass  Special Green Shards x4
Aqua Tail  Water  Physical Blue Shards x5
Liquidation  Water  Physical Blue Shards x5

Pokémon Market

In the southeast there is a man who is selling the Pokémon you saw in the Blacksteam Factory. Arclight will appear after you buy one, asking you if you can buy all of the Pokémon for him. After buying all of the Pokémon, he will give you a Lucky Egg. The man who sold the Pokémon will later become a move tutor after city restoration.

Mega Ring Pokemon 1.jpgMega Ring Pokemon 2.jpg

Pokémon Market
582.png Vanillite Lv.35
3 Purple Shards
294.png Loudred Lv.35
5 Blue Shards
296.png Makuhita Lv.40
3 Green Shards
039.png Jigglypuff Lv.30
5 Green Shards
155.png Cyndaquil Lv.10
9 Red Shards
108.png Lickitung Lv.25
7 Blue Shards
063.png Abra Lv.15
8 Purple Shards
524.png Roggenrola Lv.24
3 Red Shards
132.png Ditto Lv.5*
8 Green Shards

Each Pokémon will have an Egg Move, and they are as follows.

Egg Moves
Vanillite - Ice Shard

Loudred - Hammer Arm - Extrasensory
Makuhita - Bullet Punch
Jigglypuff - Sing
Cyndaquil - Flamethrower - Extrasensory
Lickitung - Hammer Arm - Belly Drum - Curse - Zen Headbutt - Body Slam
Roggenrola - Heavy Slam - Curse - Magnitude
Abra - Psychic Terrain - Encore

Hold onto the Vanilite, Loudred, Makuhita, Jigglypuff and Roggenrola you get here. You will need them for a sidequest later. If you lose them you will not be able to complete the quest. In previous episodes, these pokémon could not be evolved, but that is no longer the case as of e19.

Pokémon Psychology

Located above the Pokémon Market is the Pokémon Psychologist who can change the nature of a Pokémon for three heart scales.

Aether Foundation

East of the entrance to the Subseven Sanctum there is an Alleyway; inside is a small group of scientists calling themselves the Aether Foundation. If you talk to the head scientist, she will fight you. After you defeat her, she will ask for help on a project to make a new Pokémon.

TypeNull 1.jpgTypeNull 2.jpg

Water Treatment Center

After you gain Fly by defeating Ciel, you can return to 7th Street and the gate blocking the stairs behind the recovery machine will be open. It will lead you back to the Water Treatment Center. It will lead you to the room Taka locked after you decided to battle or not battle him. The room has a Black Flute and provides a shortcut back.


Item Location
Green Shard.png Green Shard x2
  • Dust spot bellow the containers right from the Magma Gang entrance door
  • Dust spot right the Watering Hole door
Red Shard.png Red Shard x3
  • Space 4 spots down and 2 spots right from the Helix Cultist door
  • Container left the the Pokémon Psychology sign
  • Box right the Street Rat inside the lower small room
Purple Shard.png Purple Shard x3
  • Rock inside the Pokémon Market
  • Rock lower left the Aqua Gang entrance door
  • Space left the dust spot left the entrance
Blue Shard.png Blue Shard x3
  • Rock upper left corner of the Pokémon Market
  • Space bellow the container right from the Ability Capsule Merchant
  • Rock rubble left the Punk inside the upper small room
Calcium.png Calcium Dust spot 4 spots left and 1 spot down the Pokémon Psychology sign
Common Candy.png Common Candy Rock lower left from the Ability Capsule Merchant
Pecha Berry.png Pecha Berry Dust spot lower left the upper small room entrance
X Sp. Atk.png X Sp. Atk In the wall corner upper left the upper small room entrance
Black Glasses.png Black Glasses Dust spot upper right the Hotshot inside the lower small room
TM18 (Rain Dance).png TM18 (Rain Dance) From Archer after battle inside the lower small room,siding with Magma Gang
TM11 (Sunny Day).png TM11 (Sunny Day) From Maxwell after battle inside the lower small room ,siding with Aqua Gang
Lucky Egg.png Lucky Egg From Arclight after buying all the Pokémon from the Market
Chewing Gum.png Chewing Gum Space left the 2nd dust spot left the 2nd long stairs
Crystal Key - Red.png Crystal Key - Red Post Subseven Sanctum; From Luna after leaving the Sanctum
Rare Candy.png Rare Candy Sack upper left the area inside the lower small room can only be obtained Pre-Restoration if you make the trainers move forward 1 space and grab it if not it can be obtained after the restoration
Choice Band.png Choice Band Post Restoration; Held by an Oshawott given by Maxwell for the job quest, siding with Magma Gang
Choice Specs.png Choice Specs Post Restoration; Held by a Litten given by Archer for the job quest, siding with Aqua Gang

Helix Cult Sidequest

Sail/Jaw Fossil Sidequest

After escaping Subseven Sanctum, head to the building located in the southwest of 7th Street. If you have the Helix Fossil in your bag you can trade it a cultist for a Sail Fossil or a Jaw Fossil in exchange for a Pidgeot. You can get the other fossil if you give him a Farfetch'd. You can get more fossils if you give him a Helix Fossil. If you have the Dome Fossil in your bag, they will not interact with you, so make sure you put Dome Fossils in your PC.

Image.pngHelix Cult.png


Blackmarket Clerk Black Hair
Oval Stone.png Oval Stone
Pokémon Dollar2100
Quick Powder.png Quick Powder
Pokémon Dollar300
Sticky Barb.png Sticky Barb
Pokémon Dollar600
Charcoal.png Charcoal
Pokémon Dollar800
Soul Candle.png Soul Candle
Pokémon Dollar2000
Light Ball.png Light Ball
Pokémon Dollar500
Stick.png Stick
Pokémon Dollar200
Float Stone.png Float Stone
Pokémon Dollar400
Binding Band.png Binding Band
Pokémon Dollar400

Blackmarket Clerk Blond Hair
Adrenaline Orb.png Adrenaline Orb
Pokémon Dollar300
Metal Powder.png Metal Powder
Pokémon Dollar300
Ill-fated Doll.png Ill-fated Doll
Pokémon Dollar300
Iron Ball.png Iron Ball
Pokémon Dollar1000
Lucky Punch.png Lucky Punch
Pokémon Dollar200
Eject Button.png Eject Button
Pokémon Dollar1800
Data Chip.png Data Chip
Pokémon Dollar400
Magnet Powder.png Magnet Powder
Pokémon Dollar600


  Pokémon     Location     Levels     Rate  
501.png Oshawott
Event.png Event
15 One
725.png Litten
Event.png Event
15 One
393.png Piplup
Event.png Event
15 One
772.png Type: Null
Event.png Event
50 One
650.png Chespin
Egg.png Egg
1 One

Pokémon Events and Sidequests

Oshawott/Litten Sidequest

After the city restoration, Maxwell or Archer will appear asking the player to find jobs for the members of the gang as they are not need anymore due to the reconstruction. The members of the gang wants a specific job to work at, so you need to find the right job for them. The job applications are found around Reborn by interacting in the places they are in. You need to use the application in your bag next to the member who wants the job for them to accept it, since they will not ask for it. The list of jobs for the members are:

Magma Gang
If you joined the Magma gang:
  • Darm - Circus
  • Nihil - Nightclub
  • Kriz - Spyce
  • Break - Medicine
  • Maxwell - Solice
Aqua Gang
If you joined the Aqua Gang:
  • Razzy - Sweet Co.
  • Defacto - Library
  • Pierce - Apophyll
  • Mannie - Construction
  • Archer - Silph Co.

After giving all the members a job, Maxwell will give you an Oshawott with a Choice Band while Archer will give you a Litten with Choice Specs.

Piplup Special Encounter

After obtaining the 'Rare Candy' a guy will rob you of it. Hunt him down and fight him for it in the south of 7th Street. After defeating him, there is a guy in the northern cave area who will give you a Piplup with Icy Wind and Agility if you give him the 'Rare Candy'.

Piplup 3.jpgPiplup 4.jpg

Type: Null Special Encounter

In order to finish the side quest for the Aether Foundation, they will have you get them the following Pokémon:

  • Carvanha: Can be found by using the Good Rod at the Aqua Gang hideout or by using the Good Rod in various waters around Reborn (only post-Ciel). You also get given a Carvanha if you join the Aqua Gang.
  • Unfezant: Its pre-evolution can be found in Iolia Valley or in the Obsidia Slums and leveled up to evolve into Unfezant.
  • Luxray: A Shinx can be obtained in the Onyx Arcade for 5,000 coins, which can then be leveled up to evolve into Luxray.

After you finish fetching the Pokemon for the Aether Foundation, leave 7th Street and return to finish the creation process. The scientist will enter the enclosure and will be killed by Type: Null since it still had the memories of its constituent Pokémon — and the presumably painful experiments it suffered through. After she dies, you will battle Type: Null, who is level 50.

Chespin Special Encounter

If you have gotten the Oddishweed from South Aventurine Forest, at Evening or Morning there will be a lady shopping down here that will give you an Egg containing a Chespin for your Oddishweed. Chespin will know Spikes and Synthesis as its Egg Moves.

Chespin 1.jpgChespin 2.jpg

Rare Pokémon Sidequest

After buying all the Pokémon from the Pokémon Market and continuing the Magikarp Sidequest you will find a guy selling your stolen Pokémon here. Buy it for 2 Blue Shards and it will get stolen again.


Trainer Pokémon
Street Rat.png
Street Rat Kevin
Reward: Pokémon Dollar106
779.png Bruxish/ Lv.53
No item
Street Rat.png
Street Rat Andy
Reward: Pokémon Dollar106
084.png Doduo/ Lv.51
No item
085.png Dodrio/ Lv.53
No item
Street Rat.png
Street Rat Chaz
Reward: Pokémon Dollar106
527.png Woobat/ Lv.51
No item
528.png Swoobat/ Lv.53
No item
Street Rat.png
Street Rat Yan
Reward: Pokémon Dollar106
358.png Chimecho/ Lv.53
No item
Street Rat.png
Street Rat Hyde
Reward: Pokémon Dollar108
550.png Basculin/ Lv.54
No item
Hotshot Kellam
Reward: Pokémon Dollar416
436.png Bronzor/ Lv.51
No item
364.png Sealeo/ Lv.52
No item
Punk Celina
Reward: Pokémon Dollar371
610.png Axew/ Lv.51
No item
428.png Lopunny/ Lv.53
No item
Orderly F.png
Orderly Nadira
Reward: Pokémon Dollar531
778.png Mimikyu/ Lv.56
No item
429.png Mismagius/ Lv.57
No item
763.png Tsareena Lv.59
No item
If Player Joined Aqua Gang
Magma Gang 2.png
Magma Gang Darm
Reward: Pokémon Dollar468
229.png Houndoom/ Lv.51
No item
555.png Darmanitan/ Lv.52
No item
555.png Darmanitan/ Lv.52
No item
Magma Gang 2.png
Magma Gang Nihil
Reward: Pokémon Dollar468
038.png Ninetales/ Lv.51
No item
219.png Magcargo/ Lv.51
No item
229.png Houndoom/ Lv.52
No item
Magma Kingpin Maxwell
Reward: Pokémon Dollar992
038.png Ninetales Lv.58
Held icon.png Wise Glasses
631.png Heatmor Lv.58
Held icon.png Muscle Band
776.png Turtonator Lv.59
Held icon.png Wise Glasses
006.png Charizard Lv.60
Held icon.png Wise Glasses
229.png Houndoom Lv.62
Held icon.png Wise Glasses
If Player Joined Magma Gang
Aqua Gang 2.png
Aqua Gang Pierce
Reward: Pokémon Dollar468
319.png Sharpedo/ Lv.51
No item
693.png Clawitzer/ Lv.52
No item
272.png Ludicolo/ Lv.52
No item
Aqua Gang 1.png
Aqua Gang Razzy
Reward: Pokémon Dollar357
224.png Octillery/ Lv.51
No item
319.png Sharpedo/ Lv.51
No item
160.png Feraligatr/ Lv.51
No item
Aqua Mastermind Archer
Reward: Pokémon Dollar992
279.png Pelipper Lv.58
No item
369.png Relicanth Lv.58
No item
119.png Seaking Lv.59
No item
009.png Blastoise Lv.60
No item
319.png Sharpedo Lv.62
No item

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